Copenhagen 29 March 2014

Albatros Travel

Fit for Run

Find your flow and your focus before the big day. Learn useful breathing techniques and stretches to help maintain your pace and prevent exhaustion during the half marathon.

Price: €79
Date: 28 Mar 2014

Be your best! Find your flow and your focus before the big day. 

Tension is the runner’s downfall, and awareness of breathing is key to reducing it. The Fit for Run programme teaches you breathing techniques and exercises that help relax your body and lets you go with the flow while running the half marathon in Copenhagen. Inspired by Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates the Fit for Run programme includes a gentle series of stretching, exercices and poses that improve your mind-body connection and help you with each mile you log at the race.

While running the half marathon, you will be more present and be able to allow your strength to move you forward and allow you to enjoy the city. Not only will it leave you energised and help you perform, it will also prevent injuries and help you recover faster. Afterwards, there will be a selection of fruits, vegetables, snacks and energising fruit shots to enjoy while you relax.

Our experienced instructors are trained in this programme and take pride in leading you through it. We welcome runners of all abilities and even their partners and followers!

 Duration: 1.5hrs