Copenhagen 29 March 2014

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Privacy Policy

What kind of information is collected?

The half-marathon-copenhagen.com website collects information about users and their visit to the site in two ways:

  • By using cookies
  • By the user providing information

Why are cookies used?

Every visit to half-marathon-copenhagen.com is detected by using cookies. Every time you - or more accurately your computer - visit half-marathon-copenhagen.com, the cookie tells us about your visit.

The cookie indicates, among other things, how much time you spend on the website, which sections and how many articles were read, whether your computer visited the website before, what browser and operating system you use, etc.

The information is anonymous and collected together with information from other users. This is done in order to gain statistical insights into the use of half-marathon-copenhagen.com.

Additionally, we use the information gathered to further develop and improve the website.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file. It contains no personal information and the information collected is anonymous. Half-marathon-copenhagen.com uses Google Analytics to measure traffic. Cookies from Google Analytics and half-marathon-copenhagen.com’s own cookies are registered by your computer when you visit the half-marathon-copenhagen website.

When you visit half-marathon-copenhagen.com your computer automatically receives one or more cookies, which are transferred from the website to your Internet browser. The website will then register your visit and your use of the site.

Most Internet browsers let you erase cookies, block them or alert you and ask for your consent before saving a cookie. 

Personal information

In addition to cookies, the website requires personal information when signing up for the half marathon.

We will not disclose personal information with third parties. The information collected on the site will only be used by Adventure Marathon (Albatros Travel).

How do we protect your personal information?

We will do our utmost to protect your data and ensure that your personal information remains secure and confidential. Therefore, only a small and appropriate selection of Albatros Travel employees has access to registered user data on half-marathon-copenhagen.com. Personal information will not be disclosed or sold to third parties.

We cannot guarantee complete security for data transmissions over the Internet. Others may unjustifiably obtain access to protected data when data is transmitted and stored electronically. Please be advised that data is sent at your own risk. We will do our best to protect all data in the best possible way, but we are unable to guarantee the safety of the information provided.